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Aluminium Fabricator

Aluminum Panel / Aluminum Composite Panel / Aluminum Fabricator is one type of building material that functions to coat and make walls of buildings, offices, houses and other buildings. This type of wall panel made from aluminum is very easy to use and applied is designed in buildings that have a high outer wall, so the installation of this wall panel will last longer if compared to ordinary wall.

Aluminum composite panel (ACP) is a building material in the form of sheets consisting of aluminum plate material and composite material. This ACP sheet consists of aluminum sheet material on the outside, in which there is a non-aluminum sheet layer which is then overlaid with PVDF or polyester material which is then pressed into one. ACP material itself has strong properties but has a light weight.

The market is sold aluminum composite panel with materials consisting of two types, namely the type of polyester (PE) and PVDF (Poly Vinyl De Flouride). Each type certainly has a different resistance, for this type of PE is usually used for interrupts and types of PVDF for the exterior because the PVDF type is more resistant to all types of weather so that the color on aluminum can be more durable.

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